our coffee

Our Coffee

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Counter Culture Coffee has been at the forefront of quality coffee for the last several years. They have racked up more frequent flyer miles than most coffee roasters in their relentless pursuit of coffee perfection. Counter Culture has its own Direct Trade Certification and knows many of their farmer partners by first name. Just like their business model, the quality is transparent.

Our Specialties

Fancy: Just like our wine list, the Fancy coffee selections will change seasonally, and be some of the more exclusive coffees in the world. Each individual cup is brewed-to-order using a manual pour-over method. The word “fancy” is an old term used for quality un-roasted or green coffee.

Georgia Coffee: It can be very hot here in Atlanta, so we have a special beverage just for you. Served in a 16-ounce Mason jar, the iced coffee comes creamed and sweetened. Shaken not stirred.

Espresso based drinks are keeping with traditional names and modern sizes.


Espresso — La Forza, a Southern Italian inspired blend by Counter Culture. Two ounces of bittersweet pleasure.

Macchiato — A 3-ounce drink that is mostly espresso and only marked by steamed milk.

Cortado — Served in a Gibraltar glass, the 4-ounce beverage is for someone who wants to taste the espresso but not be overwhelmed by steamed milk.

Cappuccino — Served in a traditional tulip shaped, Italian-made cup, this beverage is the perfect balance of espresso and milk.

Latte — We serve our lattes in two sizes, both exceed your expectations.

Tea — Our teas are sourced by Rishi. If Counter Culture had a twin in tea, it would be Rishi.

* These may be our specialties but we will gladly make any coffee beverage you like!