Our Current Roasters

Intelligentsia story begins in 1995; when Doug Zell and Emily Mange decided to do something about finding great tasting, fresh roasted coffee.Relocating from San Francisco, they opened their own coffeebar and retail store in Chicago’s eclectic Lakeview neighborhood. Roasting their coffee in-store, with equipment that was more antique than state-of-the-art, they honed their craft, seeking nothing less than perfection in every aspect of the experience. Little did Doug and Emily know that what started as a way to connect with people and the community in an intimate, personal way would blossom into something that would help shape an entire industry.

From Chicago, they inherited the Midwestern work ethic and pragmatism that embodies the city of Big Shoulders. Los Angeles inspired them to dream big. New York reminded them of the need to be authentic and to live up to their own lofty expectations. Atlanta’s unmistakable Southern charm creates a model for the commitment to service. And cosmopolitan San Francisco fuels a continual push for innovation. Alone, each of these attributes is formidable. Combined they define a commitment to sourcing, developing, roasting, and distributing the world’s finest coffees.
George Howell is a pioneer in single source roasting. He sources his beans from individual farms to get the unique flavor profile, also known as terrior, which is attributed to factors such as soil quality, latitude, and annual rainfall. They form direct relationships with their farmers to get the best quality. Howell strives to bring coffee back to the forefront by “making the drinking of your morning brew a ’30-minute pleasure trip”. Be sure to check out their instagram (@ghowellcoffee) to see them in action.

Our Style

The Kalita 185-series glass brewer makes it easy to craft a high-quality, nuanced cup of coffee. In testing, brewers appreciated how easy it was to make an evenly-extracted cup, while tasters were impressed with how easy it was to distinguish the individual flavor notes in the final product. The Kalita’s combination of consistency and quality has made it a favorite of the high-end coffee world and the preferred brewing method for multiple competitive brewers, including the 2013 Brewer’s Cup world champion. Come taste for yourself and see why we have chosen to adopt Kalita as our main brewing method to highlight our delicious coffee collection.

The Coffee Bar Offers:

Cold Brewed Iced Teas — Seasonal brewed teas to refresh the palate

Bottomless Coffee — coffee all day long!!!!

Brewed-To-Order Coffee — Highlights our fabulous coffee

Espresso — A tiny sip of coffee.

Macchiato — A 3-ounce drink that is mostly espresso and only marked by steamed milk.

Cortado — Served in a Gibraltar glass, the 4-ounce beverage is for someone who wants to taste the espresso but not be overwhelmed by steamed milk.

Cappuccino — Served in a traditional tulip shaped, Italian-made cup, this beverage is the perfect balance of espresso and milk.

Latte — We serve our lattes in two sizes, both exceed your expectations.

Georgia Coffee — It can be very hot here in Atlanta, so we have a special beverage just for you. Served in a 16-ounce Mason jar, the iced coffee comes creamed and sweetened. Shaken not stirred.

* These may be our specialties but we will gladly try to make any coffee beverage you like!