Dinner is served 5:30PM – 10:00PM Sunday through Wednesday; 5:30 – 11:00 PM Thursday through Saturday

Snackies for the Table

ESS Charcuterie mustards, pickles 20./35.
In Jars deviled ham, catfish rillette, pickles, pimento cheese & bacon marmalade, baba ganoush 26.
ESS Bread corn muffin, seeded crisp bread, semolina sourdough with butter 5.
Great Artisan Cheeses ESS buttermilk crackers; Daily Selection 17.


Brassicas golden beet, radish, golden raisins, ricotta, ramp vinegar 12.
Butter Lettuce sweetgrass tomme, arugula, grapefruit, honey, cashew 13.
Farro Verde squash, apple, pickled blueberry, little gem, sunflower seed, lime vinegar 13.
Onion Soup hot & sour broth, rutabaga, rosemary, white cheddar, pullman toast 8.
Fried Brussels peanut vinaigrette, ham, radish, fennel, pecorino toscano 12.
Cabbage cashew, oyster mushrooms, cucumber, nuoc cham, radish 12.
Farm Egg maiitake mushrooms, bok choi, bratwurst, fried rice, sweet potato 13.
Octopus Fritters black eye peas, sweet garlic glazed plantain, XO aioli, octopus fritter 17.
Trout Crudo caramelized lemon, fried curry leaf, sunchoke, trout caviar, georgia olive oil 14.
Maine Lobster creme fraiche custard, dill, cucumber, dehydrated kimchi, tobiko 18.
Beef Tartare fermented mushroom soy sauce, black trumpet, turnip, aioli 16.


Carrot Top Pappardelle mushroom, young carrot, rutabaga, fennel, egg yolk. 20.
GA Catfish sweet potato, country ham, kale, sorghum butter 28.
Wild Redfish celery root, black trumpet mushrooms, broccoli stalks 32.
Guinea Hen beets w/ greens, blood orange kraut, cardoon grit cake 31.
Gum Creek Pork romanesco, turnip, radish, tamrind yogurt, sausage 32.
GA Hanger Steak pigeon peas, swiss chard, turnips, vidalia, carrot, BBQ jus 35.


Chocolate Hazelnut Cake roasted orange ice cream, blood oranges 7.
Pineapple Meringue Tart salted pecans, cheesecake, pomegranates 7.
Banana Bread Pudding coffee ice cream, banana chip brittle 7.
ESS Candy Plate it’s literally a plate of candy made here at ESS 7.
Great Artisan Cheeses Daily Selection, ESS buttermilk crackers Market Price.

6-Course Tasting

wine pairings available