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Snackies for the Table

ESS Bread whole wheat levain, buttermilk biscuits, rosemary focaccia, ess corn molasses butter 9.
In Jars southern inspired spreads 26.
Peel n’ Eat Boiled Peanuts & Pickled Peanuts 6.
Artisan Cheeses ESS quinoa crackers; Daily Selection 19
Chips & Dip white BBQ 5.
Meat & Pickles mustard & preserves 26.


Tepache Glazed Chicken Wings benne seeds, green onions 15.
Carrots pickled cilantro, carrot top hummus, radish pods, za’atar, banana peppers 13.
Spring Greens Basil & buttermilk dressing, shaved vegetables, quinoa 12.
Tagliatelle chanterelle mushrooms, chives, sorrel, egg yolk 16.
Farm Egg shiitake, marrow butter, sweet yellow corn, green onion, Smoke pork 15.
Bison Tartare (bear cattle creek co.) goma shabu, scallion, egg yolk, black rice 16.
Alabama Crab pecan furikake w/ watermelon, cucumber, & broad beans 16.


Wahoo boiled peanuts, napa cabbage, Visalia onions, peach 30.
Chicken Kohlrabi tart, pickled butter peas, summer squash 31.
Scallop Billi Bi shrimp, mussels, fennel, new potato, grilled levain 32.
Bison Sausage chantrelle mushrooms, grilled onion, shishito peppers, squash blossoms 30.
Strip loin Smoked tomato-pecan romesco, peanut potato, rattlesnake beans 37.
Ribeye corn & squash succotash, avocado, vidalia onions, green coriander 40.


Sweet Potatoes nouc cham, rosemary 7.
Braised Greens smoked lamb, ESS hot sauce 8.
Baby Broccoli marinated tomatoes, squash, spicy pecans, feta 8.


Honey Creme Brulee orange gel, pistachio cookie 7.
Chocolate Miso Pudding butterscotch crumb, cherry-hibiscus, whipped cream 9.
Strawberry ‘Shortcake’ sweet cream biscuits, whipped fennel cream 7.
Banana Pudding Panna Cotta banana panna cotta, nilla wafer cream, meringue, cookie 8.
Dessert Board one of each 22.
Artisan Cheese Plate Daily Selection, ESS buttermilk crackers Market Price.

5-Course Tasting $75

wine pairings available, tasting menu requires full table participation