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ESS Bread corn molasses butter 9.
In Jars southern styled spreads with toast & pickles 35.*
Artisan Cheeses ESS quinoa crackers 20.
Potato Chips & Dip white BBQ 6.
Meat & Pickles mustards & preserves 26.
Peel n’ Eat Boiled & Pickled Peanuts 6.


Fall Lettuce radish, pickled plums, goat cheese 12.
Apple & Frisée
broccoli, sultanas, pecans, cotija 12.
Beets sorrel, pistachio, watercress, carrot, tarragon 12.
Citrus Cured Salmon pickled turmeric, brussels, créme fraiche, trout roe 14.
Radish Cake eggplant, calabrian chili, basil 10.
Crab Salad apple, fennel, okra & benne furikake 15.
Nantucket Bay Scallops country ham, cauliflower, Meyer lemon 17.
Gnocchi ESS lamb bacon, shiitake, pecorino brodo 11.
Farm Egg Fried Rice, hot dog, oyster mushroom, kimchi, sweet potato 15.*
Octopus charred leek, sunchoke, pot likker 15.


Swordfish pumpkin w/ bok choi & fennel, dandelion, lardo 28.
Golden Tilefish cauliflower succotash, eggplant, sweet pepper dashi 29.
Duck Breast farro verde, sweet potato, spinach, duck liver 32.
Lamb african squash, green tomato & okra stew 36.
Coulotte king trumpet mushroom, potato macaire, brussel sprouts 36.
22 oz. Ribeye onion & leek hash brown, bagna cauda 85.


Braised Greens ESS hot sauce 6.
Sweet Potato sorghum, pecan & padron 7.
Zipper Peas pork jus, cayenne, parsley 7.
Broccoli fried garlic, lemon, nutritional yeast 7.


Yogurt Panna Cotta shortbread, plum bubbles, candy roaster ganache, praline, caramel ice cream 8.
Chocolate Budino tart plum sorbet, creme fraiche 8.
Spiced Coffee Bomboloni bacon fat and sugar-glazed pineapple, coconut ice cream, coffee cream, ganache 8.
Apple Crisp plums, honey thyme ice cream, brown butter foam 9.
Ice Cream Flight three ice creams, cookies 9.*
Dessert Board four small desserts 22.
Artisan Cheese Plate three selections, ESS quinoa crackers, accompaniments 19.

5-Course Tasting $75

wine pairings available, tasting menu requires full table participation

* A portion of these items’ sales will be donated to one of our pastry chefs, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.