Dinner is served 5:30PM – 10:00PM Sunday through Wednesday; 5:30 – 11:00 PM Thursday through Saturday

Snackies for the Table

ESS Charcuterie mustards, pickles $19./$29.
In Jars deviled ham, trout rillette, pickles, pimento cheese & bacon marmalade, baba ganoush 25.
Great Artisan Cheeses ESS buttermilk crackers
Daily Selection 17.


Pumpkin Soup apple, cane syrup, chestnut, creme fraiche, pumpkin seeds, basil 8.
Green Ola Lettuce peanuts, lentils, eggplant, squash, fennel, green tomato, mint 11.
Sun Crisp Apples muscadines, frisee, purple gill mushroom, lemongrass, pork rinds 12.
Burrata chatrelles, marinated peas, fall squash, basil, persimmon, charred walking onions 11.
Fried Okra & Lemon lemon pepper-bacon vinaigrette, green goddess, togarashi, frisee 11.
Beef Heart charred cabbage, bok choi, lobster mushrooms, cucumber, cashew, nuoc cham 14.
Farm Egg maitake mushrooms, lamb chorizo, charleston gold rice, lemon thyme, leek top puree 12.
Charred Octopus white kimchi, okra, pink eye peas, african squash, benne seeds 16.
Lamb & Sweetbread Terrine frisee, cajun bell, beets, fennel, mustard, fried onion 14.


Farro Verde turnips, acorn squash, purple wave mustard, squash blossoms, fig leaf  20.
GA Trout bok choi, chantrelles, acorn squash, ginger, sea beans 31.
Wreckfish broccoli, butterbeans, tokyo bekana, kohlrabi, okra, pumpkin, fried crab 29.
Duck Breast rillette, pumpkin, braised greens, muscadines, radish, filet beans 31.
Lamb Tasting chestnut, apples, puffball mushroom, wheat berries, suehlihung 33.
Short Rib sweetbreads, wild mushrooms,  turnips w/ greens, mustard, sweet potatoes, chervil 35.


Ginger Beer Float  apple cider sorbet, spiced pecans, vanilla cream 6.

Shortbread Ice Cream  butter caramel, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate  6.

Pumpkin Spoon Bread sweet cream ice cream, cane syrup, pepitas  7.

ESS Candy Plate it’s literally a plate of candy made here at ESS 7.

Great Artisan Cheeses Daily Selection Market Price.

6-Course Tasting

wine pairings available