M-Thurs 5:30-10 | Fri & Sat 5:30-11 | SUN-CLOSED


ESS Bread corn molasses butter 9.
In Jars southern styled spreads with toast & pickles 32.
Artisan Cheeses ESS quinoa crackers 20.
Potato Chips & Dip white BBQ 6.
Meat & Pickles mustards & preserves 13/26.
Beef Hand Pies black pepper, pickled turmeric, rutabaga chutney 10.
Chips and Dip white bbq 6.


Peach Toast blue cheese butter, turmeric onion, arugula 12.
Beets radicchio, rhubarb, strawberry, pecans 12.
Tomato burrata, chocolate vinegar, pepitas, basil, olive oil 14.
Mushrooms field peas, kohlrabi, lettuces, celery, avocado 14.
Black Rice sweet potato, squash, pistachio, brazilian nut pesto 14.
Farm Egg fried rice, hot dog, broccoli, tamarind 13.
Soft Shell Crab field pea salad, tartar royale 18.
Baked Oysters nasturtium bagna cauda, spicy breadcrumbs 18.
Octopus cucumber, gochujang, chicory 15.
Short Rib Cappelletti ricotta, beet greens, horseradish, green garlic 14.
Oxtail Stew ramps, kale, radish, grilled bread 15.


Snapper cucumber, tomato, shrimp, black-eyed peas, baby fennel 29.
Mahi morels, turnips, chard, ramps, kale flower, caviar 34.
Chicken field peas, bamboo, kale, peanut hummus 29.
Pork peach, celery, shiitake, radish, herbs, pistachio vinegar 29.
Ribeye bok choi, farro verde, green garbanzo, rouille 40.
Duck for Two dirty rice, asian broccoli & herbs, cracklings, strawberry gel 60.


Braised Greens ESS hot sauce 6.
Field Peas okra, benne, dandelion, pepper vinegar 6.
Yukon Gold Potatoes gochuchang, chives 6.


Chocolate Tart buttermilk sorbet 10.
Peanut Butter Parfait milk chocolate crunch, peanut black sesame sponge, caramel ice cream 9.
Toasted Lemon Pound Cakemoscato sabayon, strawberry compote, rose petal ice cream, candied pistachios 10.
Grasshopper Ice Cream Sandwich chocolate whoopee pie, mint cocoa nib ice cream, marshmallow, toffee buttercrunch 8.
Ice Cream Flight three ice creams, cookies 7.
Dessert Board four small desserts 22.
Artisan Cheese Plate three selections, ESS quinoa crackers, accompaniments 19.

5-Course Tasting $75

wine pairings available, tasting menu requires full table participation