Dinner is served 5:30 – 11:00pm, Monday-Sunday

Snackies for the Table

Half Shell Oysters cocktail, celery mignonette, ESS hot sauce, benne crackers
Daily Selection Market Price.
ESS Charcuterie mustards, pickles $19./$29.
In Jars deviled ham, trout mousse, pickles, pimento cheese & bacon marmalade, red pea hummus 25.
Great Artisan Cheeses ESS buttermilk crackers
Daily Selection 15.


Beets & Strawberries escarole, brebis, pecans, rhubarb, burnt honey & bee pollen 12.
Roasted Maitake & Farro fennel, radish, arugula, lovage, sorrel, pistou 12.
Local Spring Greens asparagus, fava beans, baby carrots, radish, violet leaves, fortsonia 11.
Farm Egg maitake mushrooms, asparagus, bologna, plantation rice, leek-fennel puree 12.
Conger Eel & Clams lamb quarters, pickled ramp butter, gnocchi,fried bread 12.
Fried Duck Egg fiddlehead ferns, sorrel, pressed ham, abalone mushrooms on toast 14.
Charred Octopus asparagus, fennel, butter beans, shoyu, urfa oil 16.
Tripe Stew farm egg, hominy, pork belly, pickled green tomatoes, cilantro 13.
Veal Sweetbreads tamarind chutney, peas & rice, fried broccoli 15.


AL Halibut english peas, radish, arugula, fennel, cucumber-ramp yogurt 28.
Sheepshead bok choi, baby carrots, wheatberries, pickled shallots, crispy artichokes 28.
Stuffed Quail andouille, wilted greens, glazed carrot, green garlic grits, cow peas, mustard 32.
Pork Loin fava beans, asparagus, farro, pork belly, rhubarb, smoked onion jus 33.
Painted Hills Ribeye potato macaire, trumpet mushrooms, greens, grilled ramps 105.


Rhubarb Cheesecake cream cheese, rhubarb, graham, bay leaf, black sesame 8.
Lemon Posset lemon custard, meringue, pistachio, coconut, strawberry 8.
Turtle Nest chocolate cake and pudding, buttermilk caramel, pecans 8.
Crispy Peanut Butter Bon Bons plate of five, chocolate enrobed peanut butter & feuilletine 6.
Cheese Plate Daily Selection Market Price.

6-Course Tasting

wine pairings available