Dinner is served 5:30PM – 10:00PM Sunday through Wednesday; 5:30 – 11:00 PM Thursday through Saturday

Snackies for the Table

ESS Charcuterie mustards, pickles 19./29.
In Jars deviled ham, catfish rillette, pickles, pimento cheese & bacon marmalade, baba ganoush 25.
ESS Bread corn muffin, seeded crisp bread, semolina sourdough with butter 5.
Great Artisan Cheeses ESS buttermilk crackers; Daily Selection 17.


Black Eyed Pea Salad celery, brassica, preserved maitake, ricotta, ramp vinegar 10.
Farro Verde squash, apple, dehydrated cherry, radish, lettuce, pepitas lime vinegar 11.
Cabbage bbq pork, cashew, oyster mushrooms, cucumber, nuoc cham, radish 13.
Farm Egg beech mushrooms, brussels, ESS bacon, fried rice, sweet potato 12.
Charred Octopus crispy potato confit, pickled radish, green onion, lemon, chili, squid ink 16.
Trout Crudo smoked pecan, trout caviar, caramelized lemon, sunchoke chips 14.
Nantucket Bay Scallops buttermilk custard, chervil, salted cucumber, dehydrated kimchi 15.
Beef Tartare fermented mushroom soy sauce, black trumpet, radish, aioli 14.


Carrot Top Pappardelle oyster mushrooms, young carrot, fennel, egg yolk. 19.
NC Flounder savoy cabbage, wheat berry, boiled peanut, sunchoke, duck ham 27.
Catfish Bouillabaisse lobster, clams, saffron suausage, turnip greens, red peas, corn bread toast 33.
Grassroots Chicken beet, blood orange kraut, mushroom bread pudding 28.
Gum Creek Pork romanesco, rutabaga, radish, tamarind, yogurt, chili-garlic sausage 29.
Hanger Steak pigeon peas, swiss chard, turnips, braised onions, roasted carrot, BBQ jus 32.


Sourdough Fritters  sipping chocolate, mezcal whipped cream 7.
Spiced Bundt Cake brown sugar ice cream, winter fruit compote, almond praline 7.
Butter Tart meyer lemon ice cream, hazelnuts, citrus, maple sponge candy 7.
ESS Candy Plate it’s literally a plate of candy made here at ESS 7.
Great Artisan Cheeses Daily Selection, ESS buttermilk crackers Market Price.

6-Course Tasting

wine pairings available