Lunch is served 11:00am – 3:00pm, Monday-Friday


Pimento Cheese with bacon marmalade 6.
Ess Charcuterie with mustards & pickles 10.


ESS Hot Dog dijon, sauerkraut, garlic, calabrian chili w/sweet potato chips 10.
Roasted Pork Shoulder Sandwich whole grain mustard, pickled red onion, slaw on stecca w/local greens 11.
GA Catfish Po’Boy remoulade, lettuce, capers, fennel w/ local greens 12.


ESS Superfood hanger, lettuces, wheat berries w/fava & orange, lentils w/harissa & cucumber, beets w/chow chow, carrot w/coconut & peanut, & strawberries w/ess ricotta 18.

Local Greens and Cow Pea Salad rhubarb, charred fennel, sourdough, radish, yogurt &mustard vinaigrette 11.

Riverview Farms Pork Tasting beets w/greens, asparagus, grapefruit, hazelnut, carolina gold rice grits 14.

ESS Farm Egg maitake, balogna, scallions, carolina gold rice, kimchi 11.

Bramlett Farms Trout english peas, carrot, braising mix, celery, pickled mustard seeds. 14.

Sides ($5)

Rice Grits
Braised Greens
Broccoli w/Hazelnuts
Wheat Berries w/Beets


Grab and Go

Granola Parfait sunflower oat, GA yogurt, honey 6.
Pimento Cheese Sandwich on honey white bread 6.
ESS Bologna whole grain mustard, b&b pickles on honey white bread 6.
Pork Rillette butter lettuce, pickled onion on honey white bread 6.
Super Salad lentils, celeriac, radish, carrot, lettuce, ginger vinaigrette 7.50.


Citrus Sorbet Terrine blood orange, tangelo, white grapefruit, pistachio streusel, bay leaf anglaise 7.
Goodie Plate selection of three items from our pastry case 7.