M-F 11:30AM – 3:00PM
In Jars
baba ganoush, olive oil, aleppo 7.5
pimento cheese, bacon marmalade 7.5
catfish mousse, pickled red onions 7.5

Quinoa & Turnip Greens grilled chicken, apricot, radish, fennel, confit potato 16.
Ribeye on Brioche tepache aoli, dijon, pickled onion, bacon, potato chips 17.
Spicy Fried Chicken Sdandwich remoulade, slaw, pickles, lettuce w/ potato chips 14.
Chicken & Potato Quesadilla cabbage, salsa, queso fresco, crema, cilantro 14.
ESS Farm Egg chicken sausage, scallions, fried rice, carrot 12.
ESS Burger fried egg, bacon, pickled jalapeno-pimento cheese, chips 15.
Shrimp & Grits celeriac, beech mushroom, hakurei turnip 18.
ESS Superfood hanger steak, black bean salad, pickled red onion, wheatberries, carrot, pickled collard greens, roasted potatoes, lettuce w/ dill & radish, carrot hummus 19.


Grab and Go

(Available Till 4PM)
Granola Parfait GA yogurt, honey 6.5
Super Salad black beans w/ broccoli & pickled red onion, wheatberries w/cucumber, oyster mushrooms & carrot, pickled collard greens, potatoes & herbs, lettuce w/ dill & radish, carrot hummus 9.


Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich vanilla ice cream 8.
Goodie Plate selection of two items from the barista counter 5.