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— dinner —


Popcorn ramp ranch seasoning 6.

Chips & Dip white bbq 6.

Boiled Peanuts 6.

Artisan Cheeses ESS buttermilk crackers 20.

In Jars southern styled spreads with toast & pickles 33.


Pickled Shrimp cucumber, puffed rice, chili, green tomato 13.

Greens peaches, fermented honey, pistachio, fennel 12.

Squash sunflower, ricotta 11.

Beets lovage, pecans, celery, buttermilk, sugar plum 13.

Pate garden herbs, mustard 12.

Bok Choy lamb pepperoni vinaigrette, scallion 12.

Farm Egg crispy rice, turnip, baby leek, mushrooms 13.


Trout fennel, field pea, tomato water, cucumber 28.

Duck corn, squash, tomato, fava bean, lions mane 30.

Pork turnip, garlic 30.

Ribeye allium butter, spring onion, red potato 41.

Scallops fillet bean, kohlrabi 31.

Carolina Gold Rice Grits mushroom, brodo 26.


Shishito Peppers furikake 8.

Squash Blossoms honey 8.

Carrots yogurt, hazelnuts 7.

Broccoli nutritional yeast 7.

Braised Greens ESS hot sauce 6.


Chocolate Budino blue barley ice cream, sorghum 8.

Peach Tart peaches, blueberries, almond, vanilla ice cream 9.

Blackberry Semifreddo blackberry, honey comb, white chocolate, basil 8.

Chess Pie blueberry jam, vanilla bean chantilly 9.

Ice Cream Flight three assorted ice creams 9.

Artisan Cheese Plate three selections, ESS benne buttermilk crackers, accompaniments 20.


— lunch —

11:30AM - 3:00PM Monday-Friday

In Jars

babaganoush, olive oil & urfa chili 7.5

pimento cheese, bacon marmalade 7.5

fish mousse, pickled mustard seeds 7.5

Artisan Cheeses

ESS buttermilk crackers 20.

Carolina Gold Rice Grits squash, shishito, tomato, brodo 15.

Farm Egg crispy rice, corn, mushroom, sweet pepper, herbs 13.

Spring Salad peaches, pistachio, ramp vinaigrette, buttermilk 9.

Pork Belly collards, braised field peas 13.

Trout eggplant, fillet bean 17.

Bologna Sandwich watercress, pickled onion, oaxaca w/ chips 15.

Cheddarwurst saurkraut, mustard 13.

Shrimp & Grits fermented peppers, lamb belly, garlic scapes, sunflower seeds 15.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich remoulade, slaw, b&b pickles, w/chips 15.

Burger bacon, tobacco onion, white BBQ, smoked white cheddar, b&b pickles, potato seed bun w/fries 17.

Superfood sirloin, grains w/ apricots, turnips w/ kale, squash, sorghum carrots, beets w/ fennel 22.


7:00 - 10:30am Monday -Friday

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich everything bagel, scrambled egg, bacon, white cheddar 7.5

GA Yogurt & House Granola peanut, fruit, honey 8.

ESS Omelette ricotta, side salad 8.

Fried Chicken Biscuit pimento cheese, bacon marmalade, scrambled egg 8.

ESS Breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, grits, toast 11.

Egg 1.5 Bacon 3.

Grits 3.5 Side of Fruit 4.

Biscuit 2. Toast 2.

Breakfast Sausage 3. Hash 3.5