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— dinner —



Chips & Dip white bbq 6.

Peel n’ Eat Boiled & Pickled Peanuts 4.

ESS Bread sorghum butter 9.

Beef Hand Pies mint chutney 10.

Artisan Cheeses ESS quinoa crackers 20.

Meat & Pickles mustards & preserves 13/26.

In Jars southern styled spreads with toast & pickles 32.


Peach Salad blackberries, basil, city ham, arugula 12.

Beets radicchio, rhubarb, strawberry, pecans 12.

Burrata squash, black olive, cherry tomatoes, pepitas, basil 14.

Squash Blossoms ricotta, honey, fennel pollen 12.

Tagliatelle mushrooms, pecorino, hazelnuts 14.

Black Rice sweet potato, radish, pistachio, garlic scape, brazil nut pesto 14.

Farm Egg crispy rice, hot dog, corn, oyster mushroom  13.

GA Clams pork belly, avocado salsa verde, jalepeno, grilled bread 15.

Octopus fennel, citrus, olives, meyer lemon aioli 15.

Veal Sweetbreads peach, porcini, parsley 16.



Snapper cucumber, tomato, shrimp, black-eyed peas, baby fennel 33.

Swordfish chanterelle, turnips, chard, ramps, corn crema 27.

Chicken field peas, bamboo, kale, peanut hummus 29.

Pork peach, green coriander, squash, radish, mustard greens, pistachio 32.

Tenderloin cucumber, farro verde, summer corn, porcini, rouille 38.

Duck for Two dirty rice, spring onion & herbs, cracklings, strawberry gel 50.


Braised Greens ESS hot sauce 6.

Field Peas benne, dandeloin, pepper vinegar 6.

Roasted Squash basil pesto 6.

— sweets —

Chocolate Tart buttermilk sorbet, candied citrus 10.

Peanut Butter Parfait milk chocolate crunch, peanut black sesame sponge, caramel ice cream 9.

Toasted Lemon Pound Cake moscato sabayon, strawberry compote, roasted strawberry miso ice cream, candied pistachios 10.

Ice Cream Flight three ice creams, cookies 7.

Grasshopper Pie Ice Cream Sandwich chocolate whoopee pie, mint cocoa nib ice cream, marshmallow, toffee buttercrunch 8.

Artisan Cheese Plate three selections, ESS quinoa crackers, accompaniments 19.


— lunch —

In Jars

lady pea hummus, olive oil & urfa chili 7.50

pimento cheese, bacon marmalade 7.50

smoked fish mousse, pickled mustard seeds 7.50

Charred Octopus & Hoppin’ John black chorizo, butterbeans, asian broccoli 16.

Poached Snapper Salad bagna cauda, pickled green tomatoes, lion’s mane, radish, compressed greens, pecorino 16.

Farm Egg tamarind chicken, broccoli, green curry, sweet potato, fried rice 14.

Beef Quesadilla cabbage, salsa, queso fresco, crema, cilantro 15.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich remoulade, slaw, b&b pickles, lettuce w/chips 15.

Chicken B.L.A.T chicken bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, foccacia, chips 15.

Burger lettuce, tomato, vidalia onion, fancy sauce, cheddar, japanese milk bun w/fries 16.

Royal Red Shrimp heirloom tomato, sugar snap peas, mizuna 16.

Superfood coulotte, quinoa, sweet potato & kale w/ celery vinaigrette, broccoli w/ mixed nuts & sesame vinaigrette, beet salad w/ sour beet vinaigrette, pickled collard greens, squash puree 20.

— brunch —



Pimento Jar bacon marmalade, toast 7.5 Cinnamon Roll buttermilk brioche, cream cheese icing 5. Almond Croissant frangipane 5.


Octo Chorizo Toast green garlic, avocado, 6-minute egg, radish 14.

Burger cheddar, sunny side up egg, pickles, mustard w/ fries & malt mayo 18.

Fried Chicken Biscuit pimento cheese, bacon marmalade, fried egg, grits 17.

Farm Egg avocado salsa verde, hot dog, broccoli, kale, rice 14.

Steak & Eggs day springs grits, loudmouth eggs, sweet potato hash, sauce béarnaise 21. 

Granola yogurt, honey, nuts, fruit 9.

Pecan Pancakes butter pecan, marshmallow, strawberry 12.

Eggs Benedict andouille, braised greens, english muffin, sauce béarnaise 16.

Japanese Omelette goma shabu, asian broccoli, radish, sweet potato hash 16.

Soft Shell Crab arugula, snap peas, broccoli flowers, pecans 16.

Breakfast two eggs, bacon, grits, biscuit, butter, & jam 15.