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— dinner —



Boiled Peanuts 5.

Chips & Dip white bbq 6.

Shishito Peppers rouille, furikake, sea salt 9.

ESS Bread sorghum butter 9.

Crispy Okra rooster aioli 12.

Artisan Cheeses ESS quinoa crackers 20.

Meat & Pickles mustards & preserves 13/26.

In Jars southern styled spreads with toast & pickles 32.


Summer Beans radish,celery, mint, red onion, tomme 12.

Kale Salad apples, flax seed, pecans, cheddar, buttermilk 12.

Burrata tomatoes, basil, sunflower seeds, grilled bread 14.

Black Rice sweet potato, radish, pistachio, garlic scape, brazil nut pesto 13.

Mushroom Toast whipped ricotta, pickled onions, marigold 12.

Farm Egg crispy rice, beef & mushroom sausage, corn, shiitake mushroom  14.

Duck Confit butter bean ragout, sausage, breadcrumb 18.

Shrimp Stew cabbage, bok choy, cilantro, lemongrass broth 15.



Trout summer succotash, corn puree, crispy okra 33.

Scallop Billi Bi red shrimp, potato, leeks, espelette, fennel 34.

Duck farro, eggplant, okra, bok choy, smoked muscadine, 34.

Lamb Pappardelle peppers, cherry tomato, mushroom, grana padano 31.

Pork squash, watercress, summer beans, ramp ranch 31.

Ribeye cucumber, onion, corn, celery root, lion’s mane mushroom 39.


Braised Greens ESS hot sauce 6.

Sweet Potatoes creme fraiche, pumpkin seeds 6.

Macaroni Gratin swiss, cheddar, bread crumb 6.

— sweets —

Chocolate Chess Tart toasted swiss meringue, graham cracker crust 10.

Fig Tart w/ Pistachio Crust macerated figs, white chocolate creme anglaise, lemon ice cream 10.

Creme Fraiche Cake muscadines, lemon sabayon 9.

Ice Cream Flight three ice creams, cookies 7.

Artisan Cheese Plate three selections, ESS quinoa crackers, accompaniments 19.


— lunch —

In Jars

baba ganoush, olive oil & urfa chili 7.50

pimento cheese, bacon marmalade 7.50

smoked fish mousse, pickled mustard seeds 7.50

Artisan Cheeses

ESS quinoa crackers 15.

Chicken Salad mixed greens, peanuts, cucumbers, flat bread 14.

Shrimp Stew tomato, corn, grits, cilantro, furikake, shrimp dashi 16.

Shakshuka moroccan chicken sausage, onions, peppers, tomato, baked egg 16.

Farm Egg beef & mushroom sausage, okra, cris rice 14.

Chicken Empanada cabbage, salsa, queso fresco, crema, cilantro 15.

Crispy Catfish Sandwich caper mayonnaise, slaw, chips 15.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich remoulade, slaw, b&b pickles, lettuce w/chips 15.

Chicken B.L.A.T chicken bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, focaccia, chips 15.

Burger lettuce, tomato, onion, fancy sauce, cheddar, japanese milk bun w/fries 16.

Superfood coulotte, green lentils w/herb vinaigrette, kale & sweet potatoes w/sesame, squash & watercress w/citrus vinaigrette, carrot puree 20.

— brunch —



Pimento Jar bacon marmalade, toast 7.5

Granola yogurt, honey, nuts, fruit 8. 

Mushroom Toast focaccia, pickled red onion, whipped ricotta, marigold  12.


Rabbit Galantine grits, kale, figs, pistachio, jus 15.

Burger cheddar, sunny side up egg, pickles, mustard w/ fries & malt mayo 18.

Fried Chicken Biscuit pimento cheese, bacon marmalade, fried egg, grits 17.

Farm Egg avocado salsa verde, hot dog, broccoli, kale, rice 14.

Superfood coulotte, lettuce, farro verde, blueberries & feta, corn puree 18. 

Pancakes peaches, macadamia nuts, dark chocolate 10.

Eggs Benedict andouille, braised greens, english muffin, sauce béarnaise 16.

Omelette creme fraiche, parsley, arugula, sweet potato hash 14.

Shakshuka moroccan chicken sausage, onions, peppers, tomato, baked egg 16.

Breakfast two eggs, bacon, grits, biscuit, butter, & jam 15.