Private Dining

- Private Dining -

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Private Dining Room

Up to 30 guests
A completely private space separated from the main dining room by a large, wooden sliding door. Can seat 22 guests at one large farm table, or 30 guests at 3 smaller farm tables. This space is ideal for many types of events including wedding parties, corporate dinners, baby showers etc. Presentation materials such as microphones and projector screens, as well as personal decorations are all permitted. This space is perfect for guests who wish to organize a completely private dinner with an experience catered personally to the group.

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Need More Space?

Up to 60 guests
If your party is larger than what the private dining room can accommodate we do have a semi-private space available. This space is a combination of our main and private dining rooms, separate from the rest of the restaurant, and is almost completely private.


Full Restaurant Buyout

Up to 115 guests
A full restaurant buyout is a complete buyout of the entire restaurant that we can accommodate up to 115 guest for a seated dinner and up to 250 guest for a more informal event. Empire State South will close for regular service to host the event. This type of buyout is ideal for very large groups that would like a very specialized experience, including but not limited to weddings, corporate parties, release parties etc. Presentation materials such as projection screens and microphones are welcome, as well as personal decorations. This is a very versatile buyout and there are many possibilities available to guests – just discuss what ideas you have with our manager and we will be very willing to work with you.

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Cocktail Parties

Up to 100 guests
A versatile outdoor space where the possibilities are seemingly endless. A large bocce court creates the centerpiece for patio seating. Two large farm tables, 12 smaller patio tables and 6 adirondack chairs can seat up to 70 guests with ease. The size of the space can accomodate 200+ guests for more casual, cocktailing events where guests may stand freely. The bocce court is available for event receptions, full event buyouts, corporate parties, weddings, happy hour events etc. This space is ideal for guests who wish to organize an outdoor event in an open and inviting midtown location.